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Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector: Managing Cyber Risk efficiently

In recent times, the power sector is one of the most frequently targeted sectors to cyber threats, with consequences that could reach far beyond the power sector. A threat highlighted in India’s initial probe that found an October 2020 blackout […]

Study of Electric mobility for the city of Hyderabad

The international CODATU conference for professionals is held every two years with the aim of promoting sustainable urban mobility policies in emerging cities. The CODATU XVII Conference was held from 4th to 6th November 2017 in Hyderabad (India), in partnership […]

Sustain Impact picked as technology partner for Blockchain product development

Sustain Impact has been picked up by a consortia of academic institutions and industries that are working together for developing a Blockchain based platform for Demand Side Energy Management use cases of Peer to Peer Energy Trading and Demand Response.  […]

Sustain Impact & IIM-A to set up peer-to-peer platform for energy trading in collaboration with Govt. of Telangana

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) had awarded a project on creating a blockchain-based platform for enabling peer-to-peer electricity trading to an academia-industry consortium led by IIM Ahmedabad, under the Smart Grids innovation challenge of the Mission Innovation (MI) […]

Demand Side Energy Management in India: Options available to Utilities and readiness of technology.

The electrical energy has seen a substantial transformation that are technological, social, and policy-rated in nature. Some of them are: (i) Growing energy demand and changes in energy consumption behavior owing to lifestyle changes; (ii) Distributed applications of the Renewable […]

Transactive Energy Grid

India has taken huge strides in technology readiness of the power sector with the implementation of flagship schemes such as National Smart Grid mission and Smart Cities mission. Despite such efforts, the ability of existing power grids to handle distributed [...]

Energy Demand Response: Initiatives, Learnings & Way Forward!

Introduction: Demand Response (DR) has recently gained increased interest in India because of the growing penetration of intermittent renewable energy, requiring flexibility in power consumption.  However, DR adoption is slow, particularly within the residential sector compared to commercial and industrial […]

Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading: Initiatives, Learnings & Way Forward!

While developed countries worldwide are already making rapid strides in sustainability, it becomes imperative for developing countries like India to look at the potential of blockchain technology in applications such as P2P Energy Trading. International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) listed P2P […]

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